New version: beta #8

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New version: beta #8

  • Improvements

    • Rack bounce: this is an in-progress feature available in the contextual menu (right-click) of the track header. 
    - Select "Bounce rack" to bounce a rack. The bounce is shared with everybody in the session. 
    - If a bounce is available, the other users (or yourself) can choose to play the bounce of this rack instead of the sequence. Handy the others do not own your plug-ins…
    - There is no buttons or visual feedback (yet) to show a bounce is available 
    • You can disable the plug-ins to save cpu by righ-clicking on the plug-in in the Gear Panel. Warning: there is no visual feedback to show this yet. This information is not shared with the other users of the session.
    • You can play live notes by clicking on the piano roll
    • You can play live notes when adding or moving notes
    • You can disable the live notes (in the pattern footer)
    • New snap value : adaptative. The snap adapts to the zoom. There is a discrepancy with the display though.
    • You can select the notes with the same pitch by clicking on the Piano Roll. Shift toggles the selection.
    • The Pattern Footer (which contains snap etc...) now "follows the view"
    • There are pattern instance footer for samples
    • Added "actions" menu in the Pattern Footer. You can quantize, humanize, crescendo ... the selected notes.
    • You can left-resize a note.
    • Minimum pattern size is now 1/64 of beats
    • When you create objects (notes, patterns, recorded material, etc) they are selected
    • You can't trigger an Audio Track for record if no input is chosen.
    • When moving automation points, their value is displayed.
    • Recording discreet parameters now show as breakpoints (and not curves).
    • avatars are shown in the chat rooms (at the moment, only the png avatars are shown)
    • You can open the Profile of a user by right-clicking on its name in the chat room. Note that in some case it will lead to a wrong page. This will be corrected in next release.

    Bug fixes

    • Ohm Studio was crashing when joining a new session after having been in another
    • Audio tracks had a -5.8dB gain. Old songs are converted so that they keep their old volume. This is the volume of the "Audio Track" plugin, not the volume of the Rack.
    • Sessions could be corrupted when putting a "MIDI" pattern on an Audio track and vice-versa.
    • Muted patterns were not taken into account when the session was opened. You had to un-mute and re-mute the patterns.
    • Bouncing was making a pop at the beginning (or worse)
    • Many bugs leading to audio clicks removed
    • The sample fades were not working correctly
    • The click was muted when a rack was soloed
    • Pressing shift with the selection marquee (invert selection) did not work
    • It was not possible to left-resize a pattern. Note you can't yet resize beyond the initial beginning of the pattern.
    • The parameters of some plug-ins were reset on each stop
    • The audio engine crashed if an audio track was triggered for record but had no audio input
    • Plugin drag & drop on a rack sometime had no visual feedback
    • Corrected copy/paste of notes and automation in patterns
    • Creating an automation point was not snapped when the snap was enabled.
    • When entering a session, the loading indicator was disappearing too early
    • Under certain circumstances, a sample was showing as loading perpetually, even if it was downloaded
    • Under certain circumstances, recording a plug-in could add one automation curve for each parameters in the pattern (even the ones not touched).


    • You cannot right-click notes and automation points. Use the Inspector for now.
    • Break points do not work. They appear as breakpoints, but behind the scene they are still curves