new (simple?) features seriously needed

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new (simple?) features seriously needed
  • Going on using Ohmstudio (it has become my principal DAW in the last two months) I find that some new features are really mandatory.  I would like to have the opinion of other users and developers.

    1. Possibility to be invisible (as in skype). Sometimes you are in a critical point of your project and you receive a message from another user. what to do? As the contacts list grows this can happen several times in a brief period of time. At least you have to answer 10 or more times "I'm very busy with another project", maybe hurting your friend.
    2. Users that don't complete their profile with crucial information (General, Skills, Genre, Language) should not access the program. It's nonsense to enter this community without making your skills and other data visible to other users. There are many many users that have only nickname.
    3. Having the possibility to have a "root version" for each project. A backup the owner does when he thinks that what has been recorded is good and won't be changed, so that he can always roll back to it. Cloning the project is not exactly the same, because you have to reinvite all contributors, you have two projects in the list.....


  • 1 would be handy
    3 I really like the sound of; not cloning as it's "in situ" but gives you the possibility to say "no, that's just ... well... let's have another go".

    2... not sure.  Once you start, you then have to say "so, what is enough detail?"  And that gets complicated.
  • For me 1 is a good idea which can be developped: an indication as "don't disturb", "I'm here, come in and chat with me" "I'm daydreaming maybe I will not answer" could be cool.

    2 seems very minor problems to me. And there is the risk of to much ordering things. Perhaps, those who want to work really naturally give good indication of their skills

    For me, the clone option must be developped: backup clone ( the copy lay in separate folder) with the same contributors, creative clone (start with another arrangement, other contributors), and other!!??
  • 2.
    Well, as I said, skills, genre, language, level (beginner, confirmed, pro). All information that you have to share to enter this kind of cohmunity. Without giving these informations I think one is missing the spirit of such a program.

  • It's really important for you?
    There are people who use ohmstudio with another spirit than the cohmunity (collaborate with precise persons, test of another personality :-B ).

    Personally, I do not like the indication of level, I am also unable to qualify me (maybe you can help me).

    The indication of genre can enclose in a style of music. Indication of the instrument could be a minimum, but,... I really don't know.

    Maybe I haven't understand: what's the problem about unknowned men?

  • Maybe the cohmunity should be create in a forum circle, regardless of the software itself ?

    (I have an idea, but it must mature in my mind)
  • I think 1 & 3 are pretty consensual, and 2 pretty controversial. But what could be done would be to let you hide the persons logged without skills indicated or put them bottom of the list (the same way we prioritize public project with tags, mixdown and people in in the public list). That way there would be an incentive to complete your profile and regular users could avoid wasting time rolling over blank profiles.
  • Ok. I think RedForce idea is really good.