Confirmation email never received

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Confirmation email never received
  • I just created an account, really keen to try out Ohm studio, had my eye on it since it was first announced, and now I finaly have a chance to spend some time in the studio.  I went through the registration process but the email to confirm my account never arrived.  I've checked all my spam folders.  I clicked the forgot password link to see if it would give me a chance to send an email, or check that I had typed my email address in correctly the first time.  The reset password email arrived in my account within 3 seconds!  But when I clicked the link in it it took me to an error 404 page, presumable as I hadn't confirmed my account?

    No I am stuck, I could create a new account with a different user name and email account, but then I wouldn't have the user name I want and the emails will go to the wrong place, I have an account I like all my music related stuff to go to.

    Could you help please.

    Thank you
  • Hey,

    I'm just back from vacations and I don't know if you got an answer on this matter (may be by email from a collegue of mine). At any rate, please contact us to and we'll fix your issue.
  • Hi limitedheadroom.

    Sorry for the late reply.
    We actually activated your account manually but I got "distracted" and forgot to answer your post. You should be able to login with this same user name.

  • Hi guys I accidentally put the wrong email in my registration so I cant get in and reach the confirmation email. My actual email is exactly the same but its instead of