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Features Request
  • More MIDI quantization options needed!

    Being a less than perfect keyboard player, the feature I currently miss the most in Ohm Studio today is more MIDI quantization options:

    I would like one or a few different takes on quantizing the *end* of the notes, not just the beginning:
    1) quantize the end of the notes
    2) legato mode (with possibility of leaving a configurable gap between the notes as well as a configurable amount of overlap).

    The lack of this sometimes pushes me away from Ohm (into another DAW), since that seriously affects my productivity.

    Please don't tell me that I should learn how to play in tempo instead! ;-)

  • i would love more audio editing options, most notably pitch shifting!
  • Thank you all for your suggestions. I mostly agree with all. Maybe not with all solutions but at least with the issue that has to be solved. 

    I'll prepare soon a blog post on this subject and how we plan development for upcoming months. There are a lot of aspects in Ohm Studio that we'd really like to improve. 
    These last months, we spent a lot of time on things that you may not have seen but that are important: stability, quality, monitoring, backup policy. We still have some things to improve regarding application stability but we think we've reach a good enough level to leave beta soon enough. We have some good things that are coming regarding performances too. 
    Once this behind, which is quite soon I hope, we'll be back on features, things that immediately improve your experience. We'll have to choose between musical features, social features and improving new comers experience.
    That will be a touchy topic and your feedback will change the course of history! (yeah, I watched "back to future" recently)

    #3 MORE ORGANIZED FORUM FORMAT' and more FAQ's. (like Reaper's forum)
    Thats my 5 cents worth. THANKS! Oh and the #1 is what was quoted above.
  • Hi,

    First of all, I think the concept of Ohmstudio is great and groundbreaking. It feels alive when your inside Ohmstudio and like your connected with other ppl.

    I'd like to suggest a feature thou. I believe the choice of different temperaments would give an advantage. Namely, the Hermode tuning, which not a lot of DAW's have.

    It would also be cool if the DAW had master tuning option. I see that Ohmstudio already has a tuning feature in it's preferences, but that, i believe, is dependent on whether a particular VSTi has this option available or not.

    Thanks for considering,

  • It would be great to be able to use Waves plugins in Ohm without having to bridge them with jBridge.
  • File - New Project

    Open Multiple Projects

    Cut/Paste tracks between projects

    64 bit native support

    Offline mode   

  • Midi CC/Learn function in a project to control transport controls (play/stop/rec/rewind/ff, etc.) from external device  (MPC, keyboard)

    Better DAW Integration - Rewire capability would be huge.  Examples of using existing DAW side by side with ohmstudio.

    Geomap of users - online and offline - drill-able into profiles, etc. -  (friend, join project)

    Other Maps

    Instrument Map of Users        
    - eg: picture of studio  - click on the guitar - list of guitarists, click on a bass, bass guitarists, click on the mixer - list of rec/audio/mix people, click on a mic - vocalists, etc. -  (friend, join project)
    - sort this list based on order of instruments specified  in profile - drill-able into profiles to make connections (friend, join project),  expose intrument skill level allow grouping/sorting by this as well

    Music Style Map of Users - similar to above but selecting musical style preferred  (jazz. rock, etc - categories you have in profile)

  • Additional Chat Rooms to break up the General chat into specific common areas of interest

    Getting Started                        
    -  newbie stuff, this is what ohm is, here is the doc, videos, etc.

    Help Desk/Technical Issues      
    -  "I can connect my rocksmith cable", What is an Asio driver, 

    Lets Collaborate                      
    -   Brings up Instrument/MusicStyle/Geomap of users
    -   Online and offline to connect with, friend and join each others projects
  • Multiple Outs  (sw returns) - Ability to route any/all ins to any/all outs
  • Help -  - About Ohm displaying version - maybe check for updates button

  • Admin and Contributor columns - sortable for public and cloneable main views within ohmstudio and dashboard
  • Search - advanced search function needed to filter by profile criteria
  • Easier to use (more common practice) object selection for Windows users within a project ...

    - eg - right click hold drag and highlight the wav's/midi items - release and selected  - similar to Reaper  
            (and others I believe)

    Would be nice to be able to use shift and ctrl  with mouse for contiguous and non-contiguous object selection

    Right Click on a wav/midi part or track, etc -  need copy/paste options in menu

  • midi send and receives between tracks
  • hey guys super exciting software, I would love to help contribute in development have many ideas.

    i tried to read all the feedback please forgive me if i repeat earlier suggestions

    for the forum aspect 
    i think the ability to establish private groups would be a feature that may persuade a lot of hesitant band members who currently work via email to convert.

    for the session aspect 
    I'm sure in session voice chat is already in the works
    but i also think a live mouse clone of other users may be helpful, at least in smaller sessions, that may prove troublesome on a project with many users, also am not sure how much that would wear on stability.

  • @oscarnine: you can already (forum aspect) do that via private messages (which can be send to a list). Forum are for stuff that you specifically want public.

    voice in session is not in the work because if you use skype or google hangout or steam vocal chat, it already works (unless you're using ASIO4ALL). Also putting this in Ohm would reduce the default anonymity which is sometimes a good thing: after all, music is the main language in Ohm Studio. It's sometimes inspiring to work in a situation where all that is known about project's member are their contributions =)
    Clone mouse - wouldn't that be confusing? But note you can "see what sees a user" with a right click

    @irockus and all since last time I replied here: thx for all the suggestions!
  • Hi dear Ohm Studio team.
    I really want an only one feature - play on mouse selection-rectangle.
    I want a small button near the small speaker icon (that for the main play-onclick) to turn this mode on - to play any note as soon as it falls in the selection-rectangle.
    Make it asap and you will make a lot of people happy and I will deff buy XL version L-)

    Thanks anyway
  • Volume slider for play preview of project  - from main screen
  • Hey Red_Force - glad to provide suggestions - have plenty more - just love this software !!!!
  • Hi..  

    I would love to have "track" folders. (example : all guitars in one trackfolder, so when the keybordist is recording, he minimises all 5 guitar tracks). When using many tracks, the track view becomes hard to navigate.

    Thanks :-)

  • midi routing flexibility similar to Reaper  (midi in capability from all devices- all channels, all devices/specific channel(s), specific device(s), all channels, specific device(s) - Specific channel(s).
  • Hi can I put 2 feature requests, I think most the code is their and maybe just some adaptions of other things.

    First feature would be ALT + G which would create a new rack/bus and all tracks selected when alg+g was used would route to new track/bus and masters on then tracks muted.
    This would be our Group track Feature and would help a lot.

    Second feature would be ALT + L
    This would link all selected tracks to either furthest right track selected, or a list box shows all racks by name and we select and a out form all others to in on the selected track in the list box.
    Masters wouldn't need to be touched in this method.

    This would really help with grouping and routing. Add folder tracks later and this would help a lot.
  • Hi, an adaption request, when in edit mode and editing volume, midi edits or automation edits and say adjusting something could autoscroll temporarily turn off.
    If say for instance we're editing a a volume and adjust it up the screen will scoll and then we can't see what we've changed it too.

    With the feature I requested above, if to make it more gui freiendly you could allow pressing and holding of a key like alt or shift ctrl etc which then would let us click tracks to select, then letting go of the alt ctrl or shift then then mean the next click was the track they routed too.

  • An offline search for players by instrument/skill/level of experience -along with a rating system so that better players are easier to find. Also requiring members to rank their skill sets (1. guitar 2. mixing 3.bass)  since It seems the search results are both random with people listing 10 instruments all showing up. And maybe a "last time online" filter to sort active vs part-time users.
  • Could we have autologin, and autoload of last project opened?
    It takes 10-15 seconds and 2 clicks to open ohm, that kills creativity if you were in the flow ...

  • Hi,

    VST3 support would be tremendous.  That is the only thing at for me standing in the way.

  • Improvement suggestions:

    I have raised these
    issues before but hoping to create some discussion on these topics and feedback
    from other users.

    More user level control for project management

    Problem: too many
    users open a project and do not contribute but are still marked as

    Opening a project should not automatically make you join the
    project.  once you open a project you
    should have the option to audition

    If a user decides they have something to contribute to a
    project, they hit a button (Call it Audition?) and then are able to record
    their parts. This user would  have the
    user level 'Auditioning' in the project

    If the admin likes the parts, they can accept that user and
    that would change the users status to contributor (As is now)

    You would end up with 3 user levels:

     - Auditioning

     - Contributor

     - Admin

    Export and Profile pages

    Problem: Currently,
    when a project is exported, it makes a preview on the project page, but does
    not really impact the profile pages of the users.

    Profile pages at the moment persistently display half
    finished projects, and do not serve as a showcase of what any artist has achieved
    or participated in.

    More often, people will export a mix and take it to sound cloud
    or other similar streaming sites, and this can happen without any knowledge of
    contributors who then have no way of knowing what happened to their work or
    where to view it.

    Among other things, it also directs potential new users away
    from OHM when someone says "Hey go and listen to my song at sound cloud"
    instead of "Hey, come and listen to this song I made on OHM studio"


    1 - A new setting to PUBLISH the final mix.

    2 - Profile pages that list and streams all the published songs a user has been
    involved in

    Profile pages should have a landing page that does not list
    the unpublished songs the artists is working on, instead, it would have a play
    list of all published songs that they are marked as being a contributor in. (There
    could be a separate link to view the projects that are not published that the
    user is working on.)

    If the above user levels were in place, when a song is
    published, it would use the user level to determine on what profiles to be
    included in.

    ­­­­­­­­­More user editable or inclusions for profile

    It would be great to have the ability to upload more
    pictures, for equipment, historic band shots and even more information about
    the users. At the moment, compared to other social media, the profile and
    project pages seem very vacant and unwelcoming to the point where I really dont
    want to tell any of my friends about it.

    With the suggestions above, it would make user more willing
    to direct people (Not just OHM users) to their profile pages and create more
    exposure for OHM.


  • 2 - Profile pages that list and streams all the published songs a user has been
    involved in

    It's already the case. Click on "projects" when on someone profile. That being said, it coudl use some improvement. 
    Most other issues are acknowledged.
  • Red, All explanation and suggestions refer to the 1 idea of 'Publishing' a song.

    None on these are individual points, but as a whole, work together to make a much more effective profile for each user that segregate finished projects from half finished projects and reward and acknowledge the individual contributors.  

    The end result would be a profile I would want to invite my friends to come and see, potentially attracting new users to OHM instead of Sound Cloud.

    Currently, when I click on projects of a user, I see half finished songs, songs that do not have updated previews and are mixed in with finished songs, but there is no way to know what is what.

    One day I'd like to be able to show people my finished work, perhaps even sell finished songs direct from OHM with contributors getting a share of the sales revenue (After OHM takes its 10%)

    Considering how proud you all are of being the first online collaborative DAW, imagine how proud you will be when you have created the first platform where artists can collaborate on a project and promote and sell their work without ever leaving the realm.

    Yes, all of this would take a major overhaul of the systems you have in place, but if you understand the vision, OHM could be more amazing than it is already. 

  • Hey guys,
    do you have a place for feature requests that would be like a poll? Say, we can vote for big ones?
    I'm willing to use OS more for Electro type of music because I love the Ohm plugins but I miss an arpeggiator right now to be faster.
  • Is there a timeline whatsoever that you can share with your customers for:

    A.  Feature Requests  (simple enhancements and bug fixes requested for almost a year now)

    B.  New Release which you have advertised for over a year now

    Frankly the stability issues, feature deficits compared to other DAW's, and lack of any updates nor clear communication on the topic from *_force with regard to Ohmstudio have become so frustrating that I rarely use it any longer.  

    I do not miss any of the tools - always had better ones anyways -  but I do miss the community.
    It is really a shame that you are unable to move the product forward faster (at all ?) as you are losing momentum and your biggest asset of all - community - you know - your user base, the people who pay especially.

    bitorrent sync (free) and any DAW allows me to collaborate in near real time, better DAW's/features/stability.
    but does not have the community.

    *_force folk - please take this criticism/critique/commentary in the spirit with which it is being sent - not a happy customer, very frustrated, desire to continue to use your product - but you need to step it up - you simply must deliver the goods quicker to keep me as well as others.  Granted I will not be much of a loss to the community, I am not that gifted a player, but the more gifted ones will also become frustrated and move on.


  • Hi Irockus,

    You're right to ask. Update aren't what we wanted because we had to postpone a big chunk of code (roughly 10 months) on the audio engine to release on steam then push offline mode. Offline mode is close to release now, which would let us go back to the audio engine update, which should bring performances, hopefully stability (although some new bugs may emerge temporarily) and fast new feature additions (stuff like loop recording).

    We don't have advertised a new release for "over a year". In all fairness if you watch back we announced the off line mode in October 2013. Our idea was 6 months at best (although we didn't provide date). It will be a bit more, but not a lot more either. 

    DAW developpement takes time and we're a small team. That being said cirumstances didn't help and there is a lot we haven't been able to show.

    If you have stability issue, contact us about them. We can't improve what we don't know to be broken.  
  • Hey Red,

    I am pleased to report that I had a bug free session using ohm today and it felt FANTASTIC !!!
    You are right - I will report specific crashes when they occur with details.

    I would still like to see some incremental updates in the existing release such as displaying additional searchable and sortable fields of already available data on the pub and priv projects.

    Add a field for project state/stage  (eg: 1st cut, development, arrangement complete, master, final(published)

    1st cut                              - self explanatory
    development                      - song still being developed, not fully arranged, recording/tracks not yet complete
    arrangement complete        - song arrangement completed, may need to retake tracks
    master - song completed    -  post production mixing not completed

    Add a todo list functionality within a project

    btw - I think Lance deserves a free 3 months subscriptions for his suggestions  :)

    Thanks Red for your response and I look forward to updates and new releases !!!

  • red_force said:

    We don't have advertised a new release for "over a year". In all fairness if you watch back we announced the off line mode in October 2013. Our idea was 6 months at best (although we didn't provide date). It will be a bit more, but not a lot more either. 


    Actually offline version of Ohm Studio was announced in July 2013 here:

    That was almost 11 month ago.
  • @ Tiam :This was a dev note, giving lively feedback on what was cooking, but the official announcement actually committing to the feature came later as you can see here:

    @Lance & Irockus: the need for a feedback on the state of the project and even more than that is totally acknowledged. We understand your frustration about the recent lack of updates - no one like slow updates. There is a big chunk in the pipe. 

  • red_force said:

    Our idea was 6 months at best (although we didn't provide date). It will be a bit more, but not a lot more either. 


    Actually you did provide a date. See the link you just posted:
    red_force said:

    Offline mode was "expected within 6 months" but 8 months have already passed since that "official announcement" which is maybe another reason why people like irockus felt frustrated.

  • Actually this is a poor wording from me when I redacted this. The right word was "about", not "whithin", which doesn't have the meaning I thought. I have to apology for this.
  • Thanks Red for acknowledging the frustration.   I share in yours as well.

    I think I understand your current state of affairs in terms of focusing on the new release and ofcourse you know best your project and resources, etc.  -  looking forward to seeing the new release sometime later this year.

    I would like to suggest that as future development occurs (post new release) that you consider altering the present  "dev-->release" process by putting out more frequent small incremental updates for your own sake actually  (easier to test and release smaller chunks) and for your reputation for responsiveness to your userbase.    I realize you need a good solid underlying infrastructure and application architecture to make that happen and I am hopeful that the new release allows for this.

    Would love to see some additional details on Version 2.  

    * Any tech details available ?
    * Will there by any Dev hooks in the new release ?  (API, etc.)
    * Are you planning (or already doing) a Beta release ?

    "Peace, Love, and Ωhm"

  • Unfortunately this would not be efficient. Each release means a row of test - now doubled for the steam version as well. So the more release, the more time spend on testing. This is why we currently tend to space up releases. That being said amongst the thing in progress there is a new dev infrastructure that will allow for very fast build creation that should reduce the incompressible cost of a release (not wiping it out, but still that should help).
  • Thanks Red for your feedback.  I look forward to the new release.
  • Any updates on new release schedule ?
  • irockus said:

    Any updates on new release schedule ?

    Yes, we all want some news about the next update. It's long overdue!
    The official announcement said "within 6 month" but it's already been 9 months.

    How about releasing a Beta version? Or at least a short teasing video for the upcoming offline mode.

  • 1. I already apologised for the wrong english: it was about, not within. Which you know very well because you still were in the team when it happened, Tiam/Orange Force. So let's not play roles neither use the forum for a personal agenda. You have our mails if you have something to say to us. You're certainly welcome to speak about Ohm Studio here (as long as you keep it polite and keep confidential what has to be in a competitive market) but please do it from your real perspective on the matter. For one thing it will probably be more interesting for everyone, us included.  

    2. It's true we're overdue though and it will still take some more time. We expect it for november now. Again, please remember the difference between and estimation and a release date. No commitment here. 
    There may be one update before but it's uncertain. 

    3. There is no time for trailer ATM as well as we have to prepare for A3E. That being said chances are good that we do something for the local mode update.  

  • Thanks Red for the updates.  Looking forward to the new release
  • I wish to point out Epic's Unreal Tournament franchise, this was so popular yet lack of support on previous version to focus on new versions led to a mass proportion of their fan base lost. The engine went on to power many games and is good, but fans of the unreal tournament franchise were left out in the cold.

    There are many simple fixes that could be achieve, but if nothing is offered and v2 is released and charged for, the small bunch of loyal customers you have will diminish.

    Maybe you will gain many many more new customers and the loss of a few will be worth the gain of many.
    Ohm studio is v1 and paid software, so is a business now and may need to take some tough actions to survive.
    I personally think ohm should be put back into beta, and those who paid are automatically upgraded to v2 when ready. Then whilst in beta charge for cloud space to cover some costs.

    European laws for software are under review at this time, which would allow people refunds and put software in same system as hardware. Which says items sold must be fit for purpose, so bugs would have to be fixed or customers would be entitled to a full refund.
    This isn't a definite these laws will pass but they are finalize so not just ideas.

    IMO this version of ohm is still beta and never should have been released with some of the bugs it has.
    But the software idea is great, and used with Jamtaba VST allows realtime and ninjam jamming collaboration too, which also has webcam built in and is p2p on realtime jams.

    Programmers are amazing but without concept most are just data input analysers.

  • I see you created a public project about Jamtaba, but did not configure it or do anything in it ...  My hopes are that 
    did not just create an account on ohmstudio  to only post a forum complaint about bugs and to plug Jamtaba ....

    Maybe instead you will come back and be a productive member of the community of talent and create/collaborate with other musicians here  - and continue to identify bugs/issues to help improve the software - but more importantly, to continue to sustain and grow the community of on-line musicians who like to collaborate with each other.

    Ohmstudio V1 is paid software and works and is sold for fit purposes. The vast repository of ohmstudio projects is a testimony to that.   If you purchased ohmstudio pay version in V1, I believe you get V2 pay version without additional charges.  It is not my understanding that they plan to charge V1 customer to upgrade to V2, but this should be confirmed/verified with ohmforce.

    You make valid points about the software quality (bugs) and a need to improve focus on the fan base - or ohm community of talent.  There are many bugs which should have been caught and fixed during software testing and are still lingering today.   From a practical standpoint though, there is no going back to beta once a product is released, so that discussion is more academic at this point.

    Jamtaba VST is very cool indeed !!!  Opens the world of ninjam, ninbot, and new realtime rooms to other DAW's beyond reaper - which includes Ohmstudio - and yes - it is very cool to link up two different music collaboration environments and especially communities of talent !

    I am glad that you have tested out ohm with jamtaba and have been able to get it to work to your satisfaction.

    FYI - In order to record a jamtaba session in ohm though,  because ohm daw is limited to taking its input from soundcard/audio interface only  (no record output option like in reaper or other daws),  you need to use your audio hardware instead to achieve recording capability - route output of jamtaba track to one of your outs on your audio device - take that out and route it back to an analog in on your audio device and open a track in ohm for that analog track and you can then record jamtaba in ohm.

    Hope to see you back here and creating some music !!   

  • tiptop is actually AndyMC.
    He was a beta tester and he even bought the "lifetime" subscription to ohm studio back when it was still available.
    Later he asked for a refund and ohm force agreed to give him his money back, under the condition that he would not come back.
    But he keeps coming back, usually talking about EU laws and how ohm studio should still be in beta.

    Anyway, there's at least 1 other person that asked for a refund months ago... and unfortunately that person is still waiting for the people at ohm force to do the right thing.
  • I am aware that TipTop is Andy :)  Hopefully that other  person can manage to deal directly with ohmforce to reach some resolution.

    This is supposed to be a fun social gathering refuge for musicians, a place to collaborate with other musicians from around the world,  have fun, get away from your stresses   - all from the comfort of your own home - and there is nothing else quite like it and it is wonderful !!!  

    I am all for constructive criticism of any software or hardware vendor and we all know ohmstudio needs to be better to be of production quality level, sure !!, If you can help to make ohmstudio better, thats'  fantastic !!!    Helping to sustain and grow the community of talent should be the first and foremost mission of those who enjoy doing this collaboration with others.  If you have a constructive criticism to make, then make it, if you have a good business suggestion , suggest it.   But don't tear the place down because it is not perfect ... and let others who do enjoy it continue to enjoy it.  Personal beefs with ohmforce folks, should be  just that - kept personal !

    Can't we all just get along :)   Lets make some music now :)

    Peace. Love, and Ωhm  

    (and Jamtaba, and Jamulus, and Jamlink, and Ejamming, and Ninjam/Ninbot and anything else that involve music collaboration and building a massive online community of talent !!!!)

  • -Audio (wav and rex compatible) and midi loop browser with preview in tempo of the current song and option for half or double tempo preview.

    I must really second this! At the moment I think Ohm have great potential, but I'm afraid I can't be persuaded to leave my current DAW (Reaper) before an audio browser with prevew capability is implemented...
  • mmmm, all modern os'es offer preview panels for audio / pictures at least, when browsing for files, so is it really needed nowadays to add custom code for that ?