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Features Request
  • In Reaper,when I first open Addictive drums,I have an option of building a route for seperate tracks.1/2 Master stereo,tracks 3-10 for mono (Kick drum,snare,Toms etc),11-16 for Overheads,Room mic's......a Bus.It would be good to see developments along these lines.At the moment,thanks to Andy's genious,I use Reroute,record seperate drum tracks,then create stems and import.It's not at all too time consuming,but just saying.Thanks for your wonderful programme.
  • Hi, i don't know if it has been asked before (i've had to leave Ohmstudio for a while and hadn't checked all the posts on the boards) so please don't blame me if the subject has already been discussed.

    Would it be possible to have the ability to "track" the clones people made of a tune ?
    The clone function is great but it would be very useful to be able to list all the clones that have been made of the original track : firstly to discover what people made out of your initial idea, but also to check the different versions coop mates have made, and so on...
    See whati mean ?
  • I find valium taken in small amounts will solve most of these issues. Perhaps Haldol would be a better deal for Andymc...just sayin
  • 1. Economical (in terms of implementation time) and useful new feature: please display the rack name in the modular view :)
    2. A bit longer but very useful is color codes for rack labels, if1) is implemented then the having a different color background label would definitly help between (subgroups of ) racks
    3. A bit longer than 2. would be to also colorize the parts with as default color the rack color.
    4. A bit more would be to be able to colorize the track level inside a rack

    Even having only 1. would be so useful in the short term :)

  • most important to me:

    - at least simple audio manipulation, time/pitch stretch would be cool but even simply reverse for starters.

    - better copy/paste/duplicate mechanism. like for example choose events to copy with the mouse, then hold and drag while clicking alt or ctrl, and then when the events are dropped that would paste them (like in logic audio).

    - better cpu/memory optimising.
  • any chance of rewire happening? I would love to use other DAWs i am already familiar with.
  • hey

    something very important that should be easy enough to sort out (probably just a feature on the website content manager) -

    on the website's project page, in the track description, there is a 255 char limit in the text field. i think it should be at least a few thousand! i wanted to post a project with extensive info, and it would not let me add in the info i want.
  • option to completely delete a project from the server, not just close it. (for example i just made an extra clone i don't need by mistake) 
  • make or break for a program is often the simple things, better zone functionality would be great. best in my opinion is the logic audio way, it seems it can be integrated as an extra way of doing zoom without changing how it is already implemented - 

    area zoom - in logic you hold alt key while click-dragging on the arrange for the area you want to zoom in to. can be done multiple times for further zooming. zoom out is just holding alt and a click anywhere on the arrange and it will zoom out one step for each time you do that.
  • again website things -

    ability to provide links in prject description/comments. ability to delete/edit comments.
  • Thank you all for your suggestions. I mostly agree with all. Maybe not with all solutions but at least with the issue that has to be solved. 
    I'll prepare soon a blog post on this subject and how we plan development for upcoming months. There are a lot of aspects in Ohm Studio that we'd really like to improve. 
    These last months, we spent a lot of time on things that you may not have seen but that are important: stability, quality, monitoring, backup policy. We still have some things to improve regarding application stability but we think we've reach a good enough level to leave beta soon enough. We have some good things that are coming regarding performances too. 
    Once this behind, which is quite soon I hope, we'll be back on features, things that immediately improve your experience. We'll have to choose between musical features, social features and improving new comers experience.
    That will be a touchy topic and your feedback will change the course of history! (yeah, I watched "back to future" recently)

  • "- better copy/paste/duplicate mechanism. like for example choose events to copy with the mouse, then hold and drag while clicking alt or ctrl, and then when the events are dropped that would paste them (like in logic audio)."

    Unless I am not getting you it's aldready here. 

    "option to completely delete a project from the server, not just close it. (for example i just made an extra clone i don't need by mistake) "

    It can't work like this in a collaborative context. If you're the only owner of a project thus and leave it it will be deleted eventually.

  • OhmStudio currently can not select a Midi Input channel for a VSTi. This is a hugh omission. This makes OhmStudio quite limited if it can't handle basic midi tasks like this. I hope this will be implemented very soon, because I currently only have 1 DAW (OhmStudio) that uses VSTi only, but in order to use other VSTs via midi inputs (which Arpeggiator vsts need), I would have to buy another DAW. I was hoping OhmStudio would be an all in one DAW, but bouncing around from one DAW to the next is a pain. I want one that can take care of all my DAW needs. I hope this is a addressed soon.
  • Hi guys, a little one that I miss, the pan on send. I'm in for the colour codes but even more for names on the Rack in Modular view. Then have folders to sort plugins would be nice.
    Thanks a lot for the great work, I really love it.
  • I may be trying to do this incorrectly, but I'm a big fan of arpeggiators... When using Thesys or Consequence I should be able to set the VST to play to a midi channel or select my VSTi and see Thesys under inputs, but it doesn't seem to show up either way.

    Also, a very very less important feature request would be a Key restricter for midi input of some kind. In Ableton you can use the built in key program to force my midi keyboard to a Key. For instance if I set my key to Gb minor, no matter what keys I press, I will be playing Gbm notes....

    also I know... "just learn more music theory and take some piano lessons" :P

    Also, I'm trying to start a bunch of private tracks and would like to be able to separate them from the rest. Folders or groups under the My Projects tab would be awesome. Seeing the owners name tagged beside the project name would be pretty cool too.
  • I'm sure it's been asked already, but an offline mode with check-in/check-out would be really great, so I can work over the train or just with no internet connection on the countryside :)
  • i cant really even do anything!

  • Stability. The people who have paid for the program on my recommendation
    have only really complained about two issues. One is stability and the other
    lack of good ways to communicate.

    We, meaning the people I am involved with, do not need
    another DAW. What we want is too have an EASY place to collaborate with people worldwide
    and make new friends.

    Having said that, everyone who I have introduced to ohm has
    a DAW and generally more than one. I have no idea across the United States what
    is going on but almost everyone I know is moving to Pro Tools. There are
    several reasons for this. It is the defacto standard here. There is much more
    information on how to use Pro Tools and Avid has been giving free classes at
    Guitar Center to promote their product.

    I think ohm should consider this idea and take note. It does
    not matter how good the DAW is if people cannot get their questions answered.
    Perhaps in our Friday collabs we could also have a learning session by the
    people who really know how to use the program. A directed collab by one of the
    developers for example.

    All DAWs are a pain in the butt to learn how to use. The
    better ohm manages this learning process the better off I think they will be in
    terms of sales.

    I personally find it strange that no reverb came with the
    program, not that it is an issue for me because of the zillions of reverb vsts
    that will load in ohm. This last version of ohm has been the least stable for
    me and I have had the most issues with vsts. Guitar Rig 5 has caused no end of
    problems. The 64 bit issue is another real issue.

    Except for the stability issue I am happy with ohm in its
    current state as far as function goes. I also would like to see better ways to
    communicate. The yellow sticky just does not provide space enough to put all
    the information in. While I am sure “chat” is a much more normal way to
    communicate for younger people I prefer to talk. We had morse code for a long
    time….I for one do not want to go back!!!...lol

    If one of you guitar players could show me how to play and
    type at the same time that would be ever so cool!!!...lol

  • I think it is a good idea to add a communication channel, but it's very important it's separate and optional. Why? because that can be useful for some and under certain conditions. But it is also something that others would like to avoid: a communication channel takes the computer ressources while ohmstudio should be as light as possible, suitable for all computers and works even with slower internet connections.

    A fundamental priority, for me, is to improve how ohmstudio sounds: especially encoding depth (24 bits).
    I do not know if it is a matter of habit, or psychoaccoustic phenomenon, but I feel  my productions sound better on cubase than on ohmstudio. An important aspect of the quality is the ease to manage microscopic work on wave tracks: It is essential to be able to cut cleanly without cause a digital noise (pop, clic).The display is failing, the line 0db lacks, no processing tool, no offset setting, phase tool, spectrum analysis...
    In my opinion, in priority,
    ohmstudio should not add new "gadget" features, but go towards the quality and reliability of its principal function: THE SOUND.

    I know it is already asked, but a second mixer, which is active only in local, would be great (just volumes: a simple mixer with a bypass button). As I can make my own "private" temporary balance, to work on a specific track, while another ohmies is recording, for example.
  • I have a simple request..is there any way you can currently audition loops or a sample inside OHM studio? it's kinda hard going to my browser, and playing them via a media player, or vlc media player. Please work on a simple in OHM sound audition tool I would love that!!
  • Hi guys,

    @alexone: we are working on a new audio engine. More information to come next week :)

    @spin.stomp.shuffle: This will be possible after the implementation of the new audio engine.

  • The things that i miss are a Browser for Loops/Samples, Reverse/Stretch and Pitch function
    and the duplicate function!

  • WAVESHELL SUPPORT!!  I have the Waves Mercury bundle for my mac, and I can't use any of those plugins.  O Noes!!  
  • you can have them working with jBridge, apparently.
  • I havent read all the thread (sorry) and think they are already mentionned:

     24 bits audio engine for the quality of the ohm sound


    alternative external output in order to make quadriphony or 5:1 or hardware routing!

    We need these features to be happy ohmies!!!

    edit: Ah!? one said in my earphone that it will be soon implemented in a future release!!

    -->News from the office


  • andymc said:

    Hmm, I'm not sure I understand Stikygum. OHM can select different midi in for a vst, like 1 to 16, his what you mean?

    For some reason I missed this a while back. But to clarify, I can't put a Vst like Kirnu Cream or Five12 Numerology onto a track and then send the output to control another softsynth track. I think there is a way around this on PC with 3rd party software, but I don't see one for Mac. 

    This is at the top of my wishlist.
  • @ Sticky : if you can setup what midi output the vsti is using, all you need to do is use the midi rounting config from your mac to your midi input, then use that midi input on another synth.

  • May I suggest some simple functionality to improve usability a lot?

    I would like to have keyboard short cuts for maximizing certain parts of the screen when working on different tasks to avoid wasting valuable "monitor space". The same keyboard short cut could be used for restoring the window to its original size when done:

    When working on a midi track in the Sequencing panel, a simple key stroke (e.g. F2) could be used to maximize the *current track* to almost the entire screen (the transport section still needs to be visible). I don't need to se most of the other parts of the screen - not even other tracks - when editing my current track!

    It would be useful with simple keystrokes to maximize the two parts of the gear panel too: F3 could be used for maximizing the mixer view. I don't need to see the sequencing panel when mixing and I could temporarily live without the chatroom (or it could be reduced to a size where I only see a small indicator in case of activity without seeing who wrote something or what was written). When mixing, I want easy access to as many racks as possible and I want them fully displayed vertically without having to scroll. Pressing F3 again should restore the screen to its original state.

    F4 could be used for maximizing the modular view. In the modular view there should be keys for zooming in and out too, to make it easier to organize components (zoom out to find them and drag them to a better place, zoom in to make routing easier).

    Keep up the good work Ohm studio team - your product is exciting! :-)

  • Hi Svenh,

    You may want to click the square in the middle of a clip's header to edit it (esc to fall back). Hitting Z when you have a clip selected is also useful.

    O,P,I allow you to display / hide each different pane. You can get arrangement full screen or just remove the chat, or the mixer, nearly every combination are possible. You can also click the buttons in the bottom bar.

    You can get a mixer big enough to avoid scroll simply by grab & hold of the separation between mixer and arrange view.

    You can change a track height either by right click menu (4 or 5 preset size), by grab & hold of the limit between 2 track, and probably with a shortcut on the mousewheel although i can't remember which ATM.

    You can use J & G to zoom in & out in arrange view but in modular view as well. Right now rectangle selection doesn't work there so you'll have to shift clic to select several racks. You can get a big modular view the same way you can get a big mixer view. 

    Not to say this fulfill all of your desires (or ours) but as you can see we're on that front ;-) 

  • Thanks red_force for your reply and thanks for pointing out these keyboard shortcuts, I am sure I can use some of them!

    I still think that something along my suggested lines regarding the F-keys would allow even quicker editing, but that might be for future versions? Speaking about future versions, it would be very nice to be able to assign my own choice of keyboard shortcuts too!

  • Offline mode would be awesome.  Sometimes I'll record tracks when I don't have an internet connection (on my laptop, out and about).  I'd love to be able to lay down tracks, mix the project, then when I get home or to the studio, I can upload the changes for others to see.
  • VST2+VST3 Support
    Please add VST3 support so that all vst plugs (VST2.4 and VST3) can possibly work on our favorite collab recording software :)
  • It would be nice to be able to create folders in the plugin list. It gets messy when having many VSTs and difficult to organize.

    Another way would be to allow the user to create new clickable categories like two categories you have today (instrument and FX).

  • Would be cool to have in track comments, something along the lines of soundcloud/indaba comments.  And the ability to hide them like hiding tool tips.
  • All good suggestions here.

    - Offline is a top priority.

    - vst 3 will have to wait core audio refactoring, which is just 2nd to offline in the priority

    - plugin list need some love for sure. Clickable category would make sense. 

    - there are already in track comments with the sticky note. That being said we can go way further than this (and soundcloud/indaba) and we will in the long term

  • Need a MIDI MERGE command :)

    Something that will allow to merge 2 or more tracks in the same part

  • Need Midi CC editor. 
  • Sorry if this has been suggested already, but what about ALL MUTE/unmute or ALL SOLO/UNSOLO by holding the shft or control key when clicking mute or solo.  I think audacity has that and it's a nice timesaver.


  • 1) Rewire slave and master, [direct I/O with other DAW of choice], then 2) 64bit.

    3) Meter changes in timeline. 4) Beat mapping.

    5) take a closer look at Reaper for all audio routing and best practice management.
  • Community-wise, a karma/feedback like feature for users would be good. 

    I think for the sake of security it would be good to have most projects start in a membership-request format. 
    Or at least perhaps initially open projects in read-only and have an 'enter edit mode' button. I've somehow become a member of a project just by opening it and having a look around. 

    Finally, it's a bit tiresome going back and forth between DAW and browser for community elements. I click on something that looks fairly normal and suddenly I'm being directed back to my browser, it's distracting. A native client (think like facebook iOS apps for example, tweetdeck, etc) or at least integrated browser would be nice. Perhaps an option-click menu choice to open in browser would be good for those times it is necessary.