Problems with Arturia synths

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Problems with Arturia synths
  • 1. Oberheim SEM V is not listed in plugins list
    2. Jupiter 8, Spark Vintage drum machine sometimes (tipically 50% of the times) have a nasty noise on right channel. Sometimes they work as they should
    3. Wurlitzer not listed as Oberheim
    All these synths work in Ableton and Cubase

    Has someone been able to make these work inside Ohmstudio? Is there anything I can check? Any workaround?

  • I reported this same issue here:

    And I haven't found any work arounds.
  • Opening these synths inside MUX (mutools) seems to work.
  • Hi.

    The developer in charge of the audio engine and the Windows version of Ohm Studio is currently unavailable. That's why some of the bugs reported several weeks or months ago haven't been fixed yet.
    That's very unfortunate :( but hopefully he'll fix these issues (including the noisy right channel bug) as soon as he comes back.
    Thank you for your patience!

  • Red, does it mean we should be worried about teh potentiality of a new Windows version coming soon ???