New version : beta #6

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New version : beta #6
    • Better plugin scan. Tell us if you experience a never ending scan or if the Ohm Studio crashes during the scan.
    • Splash screen with a progress bar during the scan 
    • Added a click
    • Added Help Tooltips 
    • Tape renamed to Audio Track
    • Added monitoring for Audio Tracks - you can set it up in the Sequencing Panel (on the Audio Track header) and in the Gear Panel
    • Improved the way the zoom works
    • Reworked automation system. The fader moves if you automate a rack volume. Same for a parameter in the inspector.
    • Added a knob to change the notes velocity (at the bottom of the patterns)
    • Visual feedback when dragging sample files onto the Ohm Studio
    • Visual feedback when dragging a plugin onto the Gear Panel (with a bug remaining when dragging it on a rack)
    • Snap menu moved below the patterns. It's still global though. And it's not visible under the samples for now.
    • You can select the Racks in the Sequencing Panel (it select them in the Gear Panel too)
    • Added Invite to Session menu item (not tested yet)

    Bug fixes

    • You can move the plugins out of their Racks on the Gear Panel
    • Fixed the problem of not being able to load a plug-in in a session if the plug-in was updated.
    • Piano roll bug fixes
    • Corrected zero velocity notes when using the Pen Tool to create notes
    • Fixed potential bug when following an other user view via the Session Chat room
    • Fixed problems with rotation
    • Fixed the problem of not seeing that a sample was downloading in some cases