Plugin-Scan-Loop when startin Ohmstudio

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Plugin-Scan-Loop when startin Ohmstudio
  • sorry I didn't find that in the Forum, so I post a new one...

    Since yesterday when I want to open Ohmstudio the plugin-scan-process starts over and over again and never stops....what can I do besides renaming my plugin folder?
  • No, there's nothing you can do, it's our fault. We have changed the plug-in validation process, and we need to fix it again. We will release a new beta tomorrow with many fixes, and this should be fixed.

    An other important thing we will fix tomorrow is that any synthesizer (VST with no input) will fail during the scan. However you might not have noticed this if your synths had been validated with beta #4.

  • thanks alot violet!!!
  • I'm stuck on this, could you let us know here when there's the next new version?
  • I renamed my plugins folder for instance - as soon as there s the next update I am happy to try weird vst stuff again
  • fxyz, 
    when you say you renamed your VST folder, does that means that you did that so that your vst plug-ins are not scanned anymore?
  • I solved my problem by removing my virus snow vst plugin, it was crashing wrapvst.bundle forcing it to loop, I do still need it in that directory though for other software.
  • We found the guilty bug yesterday. We have another bug that avoid us to release but it should come early next week.
    You'll see some new things appearing in that version such as monitoring, click, tooltips and some bugs fixed.
  • some very annoying bugs are indeed fixed. The Gear Panel will actually be usable. Note you already have monitoring in the current beta (unless i'm missing something?).
  • no you re right.
    i am still searchin what exactly causes the scan loop - found some critical plugins but the culprit is still missing.. will keep you updated as you do - thanks!
  • We just released beta #6, is the scan going better?
  • It still crashes on my computer, I will try again to reset it and throw out some of the plugins that I think are causing this. Will report my findings...
  • good. while i'm at it, I noted (in the chatroom) someone said the SugarBytes Consequence passed the scan but could not be dropped on the Gear Panel.
  • culprits found, thanks for your help. already mailed reports and videos


  • Hey fxyz,

    Do you still need to remove some culprits plugins to launch the Ohm Studio ?

    Thanks :-)
  • no more culprits, pal. 

    machine doesn't find samples in new version 1.6 and the locate file browse window doesn't open but this will be fixed soon as most things at ohmstudio!

    great development so far!