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  • Hi, I’m an Ethnomusicology student and I was wondering if any members of the site would be interested in taking part in my study? My research is looking at the learning and collaboration strategies of online garage bands and groups, primarily to what extent they resemble those of a more ‘traditional’ style band, it’s basically how members of virtual groups grow as musicians. I’m looking for members of the site that actively collaborate and create music and who would be willing to answer some survey questions, take part in Skype-Skype interviews, email correspondence or IM. Also, any comments from members who aren’t looking for a more involved communication ( or who want to stay completely anonymous) can be left at where I’m putting up my research notes. A copy of the basic questions that I will ask you can be found there also. Anyone who wishes to get involved can email me at 
    Thank you for your time and consideration,
     Mike Evans