Drag drop VST import

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Drag drop VST import
  • I for one was not the only person to not fully understand what I was supposed to do with VST's in the beginning but how about this idea of a feature that any one can understand. 

    Why not  have a little window / box somewhere in ohm that you just drag and drop a vst.dll.
    example being
    you download a free vst from a web site 
    open the zip or rar file
    drag the dll to the import window / box and ohm copies it to a user definable map which means it is automatically adds in the start up search.
    Don't shot me if it's a technical nightmare but the concept might make some say "well we could...." 
  • Hi nick. I think most VST host application have the same way to configure the vst path.
    We tried to keep it as simple as possible but I guess it's still confusing for some.

  • I'm sure they do but what a cool feature  !

    because there is no standard to the locations of the VST's you need the add location function in settings to deal with 3rd parties. 
    However to just download a VST then drag and drop the .dll would be much faster then any other route.
    Most web browsers have a "open download map" in there menu bar or via mouse click.
    You would cut out opening a file manger program which will take a little bit of time scanning etc.
    I use a Shortcut on my desktop which means only 3 clicks and a drag/drop

    I think for a lot of beginners and people that don't really use VST's i.e. classical musicians a very easy way to get that "ambiance" with out much understanding of what is going on.

    To use a VST you just drag and drop onto the track .
    To delete you just hit backspace.
    But to add one ............................................see my point ?

    Just for the record could you guys look into a VST rubbish bin next to the VST list.
    I found out quickly how to use a VST ...but could I remove one ................!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    If you can see it you don't need to look for the Manuel.

    ( for the record I am an very pro GUI user in Linux and have had many discussion with penguins that believe computers only need to text boxes).