Ohm Studio app new version

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Ohm Studio app new version
  • Yesterday, we released a new version. So what's new?
    • plug-in scanning engine: black listing has totally changed. Improvements : 
    • now, scanning engine doesn't restart each time a plugin is black listed. It results that it's highly faster.
    • progress bar: it's now a real progress bar that no more freezes on "vocoder" 
    • scanning engine manage to scan sub folders
    gear panel: 
    • there are now scroll bars
    • a new button edit (instead of previous double click)
    • drag and drop from plugins is handier
    • cable magnetism : it's now much easier to connect cables
    gear list:
    • it has been put outside the gear panel
    • scroll bars
    inputs/outputs management. Many bugs have been purged. Go check your audio preferences.Plugin parameter refreshing: you will now see plugin parameter change when there are modified by an automation or Midi control. You can automate rack track volume to watch it working.

  • About the Input / Output management, it's still in progress. Here is how it works :

    A Project can have many multi-channel audio outputs (by default, one stereo output). As it is a per Project configuration, everyone in the session sees the same outputs. You can configure your Projects outputs in the Inspector, when nothing is selected.

    On your machine, in the Ohm Studio preferences, you can configure your local inputs and outputs. Those are multi-channels, and are only defined on your machine. In the Preferences, you map each input and each output to the hardware audio channels of your audio device. 

    By default, there is one stereo outputs. The left channel is mapped to the channel #1 of your audio device, and the right channel is mapped to the channel #2.

    In the future, you will be able to choose, for each Project, which Project output is connected to which local output. At the moment, this is not possible (meaning the Project Output #1 will be connected to your local output #1 and so on).

    The local inputs you have configured in the Preferences are available as Tape inputs so that you can record and monitor audio.