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Documentation / FAQ / Quick start / How to
  • You can find all that we have here : 

    Our reference manual is out of date, we removed it.
  • I am having trouble installing the software on my computer.  (yes it is a mac)  Is there a section for this type of trouble shooting?

  • Set up a wiki perhaps?
  • Denny trouble was that his mac is under 10.4 and we only support 10.5 and above.

    For now, we'd like to make how to videos, example videos and a reference manual. These items will be reachable by search engine and we'll sort them with logical trees (by experience level, by GUI zones and by kind of tasks). We hope it will be enough for a beginning. A wiki is a good idea to manage high amount of informations and multiple authors workflow. Our information base seems too small for now to build a wiki, (imo).