Chatting to Ohmstudio friends without having Ohmstudio

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Chatting to Ohmstudio friends without having Ohmstudio
  • I use a program call Pidgin which allows me to chat to Facebook / MSN / Google + and many more with out having to login in a web browser.
    There are a number of programs which will do this but I like Pidgin, not only because it works on Linux as well as Windows and Apple but it has a silly looking logo.

    Pidgin also works with Ohm studio so you don't need to start ohm studio or even have it installed to chat to your ohmie friends.

    Here is how

    First add an account

    On the login options page 
    Protocol = XMPP
    Username = Your ohmstudio account name 
    Domain =
    Resource = 
    Password = Your ohm studio account password

    Advanced page
    Connection security = Use encryption if available
    X allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams
    Connect port = 5222
    Connect server =
    File transfer proxies =
    BOSH URL = 
    X show custom smileys

    That's it touch nothing else!