Collaboration Week #3: The Plague

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Collaboration Week #3: The Plague
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    In short: meet other Ohmstudites on Wednesday 27th for collaborative fun. Only one rule this time: use a Minimonsta with the Metapatch called "the Plague" (FX section). Please subscribe below.

    Don't ask, I just wanted to draw zombies (who could resist?). My excuse is a Minimonsta Metapatch called "The Plague" (featured in Ohm Studio), and if you decide to jump into this week's collab, you'll have to use it somehow. That's the only rule!

    Now this week we're shifting a day from Tuesday from Wednesday. We're also changing the time for Asia (earlier) and America (later).

    Oh, and congrats to everyone in the last sessions: the entries were quite impressive!

    4 Rendez vous again. Beware, GMT Time, so check what it is where you live with this site.

    Rendezvous #1: Asian night
    11:00 AM GMT Wednesday 27th
    Sydney 9:00 PM / Tokyo 8:00 PM / Moscow 5:00 PM / Tel Aviv 2:00 PM / Paris 1:00 PM

    Rendezvous #2: Euro night
    7:00 PM GMT
    Wednesday 27th

    Moscow 1:00 AM / Tel Aviv 12:00 PM / Paris 9:00 PM  / London 8:00 PM  / NYC 3:00 PM

    Rendezvous #3: Euro night strikes back
    9:00 PM GMT
    Wednesday 27th

    Paris 11:00 PM / London 10:00 PM / NYC 5:00 PM /  L.A. 2:00 PM

    Rendezvous #4: American night
    1:00 AM GMT Wednesday 20th
    NYC 9:00 PM / L.A. 6:00 PM / Sydney 11:00 AM

    Rendezvous #5: American night returns to eat your brain
    4:00 AM GMT Wednesday 20th
    NYC 12:00 PM / L.A. 9:00 PM / Sydney 2:00 PM 

  • Yes put me down, I'll try get to the 7pm or 9pm one, 8 or 10 here? :P
    I not used them plugins yet, but if its there I'll give it a go.
  • I'm on it!!! I'm in Colorado USA so I'll be on all day just messege me....


  • I would like to take part 11am GMT ( I live in England)
  • Trying to log in to Ohm Studio. I get message Ohm Studio Server is not available but I can reach the forum!
  • Ive tried re-installing the software but same problem
  • Hi Avid,

    You probably have some connection issue.Ohm Studio requires that ports 5222 and 9090 be open. 
    It could be that the Proxy is blocking these ports.

    Hope that helps.
  • 11am GMT ( I live in England)... is 12AM in england right now (summer time offset).
  • 11am is not 12am (midnight) but 12pm (midday) ;)
  • been up all night. if i can manage a quick cat nap ill be at the next two sessions its 8amHST=7pmGMT
    (i think)

    hasn't UTC replaced GMT as the international standard?  that 's what used in broadcasting, anyway.
  • Yeah great I'm in

    Have no Idea what  Minimonsta with the Metapatch called "the Plague" is or how long you cook it for .
    But as a drummer I can assure you all that SOMETHING will end up in the swimming pool!
  • seven smacks on the snooze bar since 7:17, slim emerges from the sleep pod, semi sleepwalking with sleep sand smeared significantly on sleeves....searching for the session.
  • Subscribing...
  • Count me in 9PM
    I'll pass by...