Very useful improvements (in my opinion)

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Very useful improvements (in my opinion)
  • While I can definitely say that Ohmstudio is really fun and sounding great, I have two or three suggestions after using it for awhile:
    Regarding the site:
    1. the site should include an extensive user database and a powerful search engine. Is it: i would like to be able to search for a male guitarist interested in new age music
    2. Same thing for the songs with something like : this song needs ....... guitar track, vocal track......
    Regarding the program:
    1. Total recall for vst and vstis has to be drastically improved. I have many plugins not remembering the patch I used, the samples loaded (and that happens only in OhmStudio, not in Cubase or Ableton)
    2. CPU meter
    3. Double snap options (one to drag tracks, one to use for midi messages)
    4. Possibility to use multitimbral vst

    In any case, in my opinion, Ohmstudio is really great fun to work with.


  • Hi feng and thank you for your suggestions.

    We are aware of the issue with vst plug-ins not remembering their patch.
    Unfortunately we still haven't found a way to fix this. If you want to understand why it happens in Ohm Studio and not Cubase, Ableton... you can read this article: