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Project settings
  • hi There i created a session today that i thought was public but doesnt seem to show up in public projects. its set public read / write in project settings. not sure whats going on there. i called the project learning curve...

    also when actually in an active project are there any plans to be able to identify which users added which tracks? i know from the webpage you can see contributors but would be nice to be able to tell from parts or tracks in the project who added them. or maybe this is possible and i have-not figured out how to do it?
  • The public sessions page has changed. There will be two parts : "featured sessions" : some sessions that we want to push and a link to search for public sessions. We forgot to put that second part in our previous update. But I can give you URL to make that search. 

    We'll also improve to the featured sessions table by adding a small player.