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  • Sure we are musicians, but we also wanna sell our music don't we?

    I suggest a Ohmstore, where fans can listen to your music and buy it.
    In the Ohmplayer, fans can choose to buy individual tracks or a whole album.
    The musician can add their preferred payment method. Elements like these 
    will only let the Ohmniverse grow. 

    P.S. the Ohmplayer needs to have the soundcloud idea. Share facebook/twitter
    embed/link etc. 
  • Who knows ? Maybe one day... But for now we are entirely dedicated on the project of helping music been created. And there's plenty here to keep us busy for years. Considering there already are good on line shops for independent musicians, and that you can put a link on your profile, I guess it's not too bad. I've actually seen profiles linking to iTunes...
  • Hi Red thanks for your reply,

    Actually the idea behind this is that Ohmstudio also gets money through this channel.
    I would rather pay you guys 0,30 per track, then Itunes. although honestly I would
    rather not pay 0,30 but 0,05 per track.

    Maybe an Ohmstore is future music, but I woulden't wait to long with it. Stores generally
    are booming now a days (Itunes/Playstore/Amazonstore)