Metronome very quiet

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Metronome very quiet
  • Just installed Ohm Studio. I'm recording with a Scarlett 2i2. Latency is great, volume with a guitar direct to the Scarlett is perfect. No unusual noise. Works perfect. When I record, everything sounds crystal clear as well, audio levels are as expected, and output volume to monitors is great.

    When I enable to click on the metronome, it is incredibly faint... just barely audible in the background when nothing is being played. If I begin to play, even quietly, the metronome is not audible. I checked the volume on the inspector panel and it is at full volume.

    Anyone know what's happening? So far this is looking like an excellent DAW, and I'd really like to give it a shot, but a metronome is sort of a must have.

    EDIT - When I switch to my laptop's onboard sound, the metronome works perfectly. Hrm...
  • Ok. This is resolved. I was plugged into the headphone input on the front of the device. When I plug into the left monitor output, on the back of the device everything sounds as it should. Not sure why the 2i2 would send the click from the software at a lowered volume to that output, but it works now.
  • If you feed a signal to a stereo output so the volume is 0dB, taking one half of the signal and splitting it to a stereo pair (as you do if you plug stereo headphones into a mono output) will give you half a signal at -6dB, i.e. half the volume.