Ohm Studio - First Impressions over the wire

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Ohm Studio - First Impressions over the wire
  • Ah great, just when I was thinking "when will someone blog about this" ! I am getting a coffee and I'll read it :P
  • Well what to say ? It was a good read :P

    To be honnest I am not sure I got that part right thus :

    While definitely a required function it was much less than immediate to my session partner even after the bounce process had concluded, certainly when compared to the responsiveness of the other audio tracks.

    Do you mean it was slow to reach your partner ? 

  • i think he means that the partner has to activate the freeze by clicking the speaker button...
    for some one who is a first time user this might be confusing and that the collab freeze it should be auto-activated...
  • Hi all,

    To confirm, yes it took a long time (more than a few minutes even for small samples) for the bounced audio to be available on my session partner's machine, to make matters worse whether or not the audio should be frozen at his end either to complete the process was confusing. When we tried it didn't seem to do anything, a few minutes later the audio came through though, as to anything we did we couldn't tell.


    Lagrange Audio
  • Hi lagrangeaudio. Very interesting read.

    We're currently improving a few things with the collaborative freeze and will keep doing so in the next few weeks.
    We feel uncomfortable when Ohm Studio is compared to Live though as it is still lacking in the "DAW features" department.