Need new download&installation? Why?

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Need new download&installation? Why?
  • Today when I try to open OHM studio the browser is open and proposed me OHM?. I have work with OHM many times  (I have something uploaded in your cloud)
    Please tell me I have not to download one more time. I haave my banwith limited for other many uses. and I cant more loss Gbit's
  • You're here to test the application.

    If the application has bugs that have been fixed, there's no point you testing it.

    So you need to get the version that has the bugs fixed and test that instead.
  • Also it's a 50Mo download. Honestly, if you're limited on bandwith, Ohm Studio should be avoided, as a regular use would require largely more than 50Mo for the constant samples transfer (both ways). Unless you avoid any audio track, Ohm Studio requires an unlimited connection, I am afraid.