Invitation : 403 Zoing

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Invitation : 403 Zoing
  • I got invited to a session and when I clicked the link in my inbox message I got this : 

    403 ZOING! (+ a short plate reverb tail)
    That's the noise of your face hitting the magnetic field protecting this page. You're logged into the Cohmunity, but it seems you don't have permission to access this specific content.
  • Hey,
    Reading this makes me zoing from my chair,
    and I hope it didn't make you zoing too much hair :)

    Please try the following instructions: 
    - logout 
    - log in again, go back to your inbox and try to validate again your invitation with the provided link.

    If it doesn't work, first check out that you are not already a member of this session.
    Then please paste me here a link to the session's page.


    Blue Force

  • Hi again !

    I investigated a bit more on this this morning and I've seen that you finally were able to join the wished project :)
    It seems that you could have been victim of a bug with our token system and I just deployed a fix to make it better and (try) to avoid these problems when adding friend or inviting contacts to projects.

    I hope it didn't bother you too much and that you still had fun with your first steps in the studio :)
    I will keep an eye on these tokens !

    Thanks again for the report.
  • Just subbmitted a bug report regarding this session - I'm now a member of it and it lets me launch it but the app freezes before it opens the session - other sessions work fine.