Frequency and latency

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Frequency and latency
  • Sorry if the questions have already been asked before, I have found nothing by the search field.

    The sampling frequency must be the same for every contributors? This means that if I records at 48khz, all participants must record at 48khz? How about when some digital devices have a dedicated frequency  - in my case, at 48khz - I'll have to record in analog?

    And what about latency? with my first project, I made the error of manually adjusting the latency. Is this unrecoverable? I ought to let the latency at 0?
  • Your setting are your settings (not only audio : your solo and mute aren't shared either, for instance). So nothing you've mentioned here should cause you worry :P
  • Ok, it's a good thing to know. Indeed, I've noticed that it works pretty well.

    For now and to me, the only thing missing is basic editing tools (silent fade), pinch in/out and post-it in the sequencer area (It seems to have seen it in the video :-? )

    Congratulations for this wonderful DAW