Vst plug ins

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Vst plug ins
  • I'm new to this, but can any one tell me how to install vst plugins into Ohm and recommend a good drum machine/module preferably free!

  • you can search for VSTs in www.kvraudio.com/

    If you buy a Computer Music Magazine (if you can find a shop who have it in your area) you will get a bunch of decent and free VST plugins.

    Create a folder on your computer where you install all you VSTs. I would recommend creating sub-folders in this according to some kind of category system - makes it easier to keep track of them.

    Some VSTs install only into this folder while others need additional install in your machine's "program folder". (the install will ask you for different folders during the installation).

    if you only use ohmstudio - dont install any 64bit plugins. they wont work anyway.