Testing on Win7x64

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Testing on Win7x64
  • Not good so far.  I get as far as creating a project. When I try to import a MIDI file exported from Cubase, it creates the tracks but they are empty and not at the right track position.  I gave up.  I rendered the tracks to WAV in Cubase. I could import a track, it was again at the wrong position but I could drag it to the start, and it did play. From then on, OhmStudio randomly switches from project view to dashboard view, sometimes with apparently no action on my part.  I was unable to import a second audio track,
  • Tried again today, much better experience this time -- I really don't know what I was doing wrong (yes, I did RTFM!).  Only once after importing the last of 4 audio snips did the GUI switch back from project to dashboard view, so there's definitely some problem still there.

    It is still difficult to import audio at the position I want ... or even on the track I want.  I would expect it to appear on the selected track, at the current cursor position, but this is not what happens.  I can drag it to the correct position and that's OK, but it would be important in larger projects that this would work as expected.
  • Hi dadasonor,

    I understand your confusion regarding importing
    audio/midi as things are slightly different in Ohm Studio. Here are
    3 articles that should help



    The important thing about MIDI files is to 1st create a plug-in and
    then import the file on a track of that plug-in. I hope that makes

    As for the unexpected returns to the Dashboard view, it
    should only happen when there's no response from the server, so maybe it
    was just a temporary problem.

    I hope your 3rd attempt at using Ohm Studio will be less painful  :)