Sooo Happy now that my true Love has found me!

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Sooo Happy now that my true Love has found me!
  • Hi simmerdown,

    User marauu commented on your project Cry Me A River:

    " Hi Dear... ( is my email
    My name is Miss Mara ,I wish i could get to know you for it is my pleasure to
    have you as my friend for a friend is all about Respect,Admiration and Passion
    also friendship consist sharing of ideas and showing true love without
    cheats,lies and betrayal and i have this feelings to share with you, i believe
    that you are the type of one that i want in my life for a serious relationship,i
    want you to know that age, race,and religion is not important to me all that is
    important to me is pure love,waiting to hear from you i will send you my picture
    please reach me at ( Have a beautiful day.thanks,
    ( Miss Mara "

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  • Ha ha I've been asking for this feature in my DAW for many years!  Well done OhmStudio
  • Ha ha ;). We'll try and remove it though.