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Confirmation e-mail
  • I downloaded and installed the software (mac), with no apparent issue, however I have not received a confirmation e-mail so can not log into the studio, though obviously I can log into the site. Are other people experiencing lags/dropped e-mails or log in troubles? The site has a message that implies a bot is sending the e-mails, that's  why I am leaving this post in bug report.
  • Same here.
  • same Probelm here, no Confirmationmail until now, regged on Thursday
  • Me too. Still waiting for confirmation e-mail.
    Also the Mac version here.
  • yeah, thought its my username, but its not
  • hyphenated  usernames?
  • Hey Guys,

    Please check your antispam folder to look for the mail.

    Then please contact to tell if either it is not (so we can look for another way) or if it is (so we can evaluate how often is it the reason).