Drag'n'drop from Addictive Drums

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Drag'n'drop from Addictive Drums
  • Cant do this. Is any1 else having the same issue?

    Also, is it possible to record what AD is playing when sync and tempo is activated on th AD interface? I tried looking at Ohmstudio's modular view to route audio from AD to another audio track, but had no luck.
    Might be me needing to spend some more time w the documentation :)

  • Hi arbogas.
    Yes this bug has been reported by other people.
    Are you on Windows? One trick that sometimes work is to drag'n'drop the MIDI file on your desktop and then drag it from your desktop onto a MIDI track.

    Unfortunately an Audio Track can only record an audio input.
    I know other DAWs like Ableton Live allow this, and according to one of our developper that could be technically possible in Ohm Studio.
    But I'm not sure why someone would prefer recording the output of their drum sampler rather than recording their MIDI input.
    I think the reason could be that there's no user-friendly way to bounce the output of an instrument onto a new audio track. But that is something we want to add soon.

  • Thanks a lot for answering. I did try searching for forum posts, but made a poor job of it, sry.
    Drag'n'drop via the windows desktop works fine and is an acceptable workaround.