how do I turn midi pattern to audio pattern in this program?

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how do I turn midi pattern to audio pattern in this program?
  • Help me please..
  • Same way as in any other - you run the MIDI data through a synth.

    OhmStudio splits the plugins into two types - synths (little keyboard icon) and FX (little "FX" icon).  Drag a synth onto the mixer rack for the track your MIDI data is playing on.

    If you want to render the MIDI track to an audio file, it's a bit more long winded...  Start under File->Export audio...  Then pick "individual racks" and choose the audio you want to render (or leave it on Master if you want everything).  Then select "Export to disk" and render the file.  Then drag-n-drop back into the project, muting the original track.
  • ok. thanks!
  • As pljones explained, there's currently no easy "one-click" way to do it and you have to use the Export Audio function.

    2 keyboard shortcuts that can be helpful:
    • Ctrl + Alt + E : opens the export window (you can also select a Rack before, so that it is automatically selected in the export window)
    • Ctrl + L : adjust the Loop to the currently selected Audio Pattern(s) so that the time range in the export window matches the Loop.