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  • OK, got the new version and went into a new project, dj-noboddy's "Test :)".  It's made up of quite a lot of simple wav tracks.  It played pretty much okay as far as I could tell (no crackling).  Great!

    Well, there were no plugins, of course...

    So, let's try "Blue September Version 2"... unghhhh... crackles (and not just the ones in the wav) as soon as the plugins start playing!

    I don't think it's any different to the previous version.
  • Hi pljones.

    We had a look at your project "Blue September v2".
    We tried to get a working version of Kontakt on one of our computer but barely had the time to install all the factory libraries and presets...  I-)

    Hopefully we'll have the time again next week and maybe find what's causing the crackles.