version 27.. bug reporter crash...

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version 27.. bug reporter crash...
  • hmm. well. bug reporter crashed for me again...

    was going to report that Some of my plugins fails to show up in the VST list after the update. same onces as before , suposebly
    ok plugins: ALbino3, BLue, LoungeLizard, play.
    I haw al these in sub folders and last week when having the same problem got them to load by adding tese sub folder in the "look for vst list"... now that dont seem to work either...

  • Thank you remex. We'll have a look on that. 
    It seems some more plugins fails to show up for many people. We'll fix that for next release.

  • hey! it's fixed!
    i deleted my patches/wrapper folders. rescanned (notes stopped dropping so i open task manager thinking there was a freeze - but realized the wrapper scan application seemed to keep running (emory usage kept hopping up and down) so i kept it running...)- then suddenly i got through the processes and OHMS lounged... open first project quickly cykled trough the pluginlist and... yes: albino3, blue, PLAY, loungelizard etc etc: they were all there!!! I'm a HAPPY OHMIE!!! :)
    - now back to test their loading, function and stability ;)
  • OK thanks for the good news. You made our developer team happy.

  • they done a good work ! now they just have to sort out the "apparent freeze" during scanning...

    and you preemptively inform people that the should be patient and let it run through the scan even if it seems to stop (but maybe open task manager to see if it do seem to run and have not frozen for real)
  • Hi Remex.

    Unfortunately we were not able to reproduce the bug you describe here at the office.

    We'll add a message in the splash screen if we find that other users are experimenting the same problem.