How do you force a rescan of the plugin folder? (FIXED)

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How do you force a rescan of the plugin folder? (FIXED)
  • After a crash (when trying to load a session) OhmStudio has stopped showing me any of my plugins. I've restarted my Mac. I've reinstalled OhmStudio. I've re pointed the software to my VST folder (in the preferences). And I've trashed obvious preference files from ~/library/preferences folder. All with no change in the problem.

    When I launch a session the little box that shows plugin scanning activity animates opening and then instantly closes.

    Can I force the OhmStudio to do a rescan?
  • Made a new VST-OhmStudio Plugin folder

    Deleted the OhmStudio cashe.

    All works OK now.
  • I found if you delete user>library>caches>com.ohmforce.ohmstudio>ptaf-cache it works.
  • I added this to the troubleshooting thread few hours before you asked :-)

    Last point

    We'll probably work on plugin scan because there are to much issues with it.