What is the purpose of the Rotate function?

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What is the purpose of the Rotate function?
  • It's kind of cool visually on the screen and I could see it being useful for mixing becuse it puts your channel in a mixer like view, but they are the top, not traditional at the bottom. Am I missing some use for this?
  • Hi,

    Initially the rotate function appeared as a way to put the piano roll in a more conventional way, that is as if the piano was in front of you instead of having it vertically.

    Later, we thought of the rotate function as a quick way to have a mixer.

    The benefits of the rotate function is that it keeps contextual informations. That is when you rotate, you still see the sequence and how each track relates to its content.
    If we would put it on the bottom it would :
    - have the time to run from bottom to up,
    - when switching to detail view it would make a full 180° turn.

    Some testers already like the rotate function, and some maybe not.


    Fuchsia Force