Copy write ownership

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Copy write ownership
  • Has anybody given some thought to the implications of copy write ownership of a public track ?
    What happens if someone was to release/publish a track that has been public and has had many contributors ?
    Could be a nightmare to sort out ..... just a thought  
  • In the first times, we won't help in managing your rights. We've been in touch with Creative commons to provide some licence options.
    In the meanwhile, it will be like anywhere else : you have to manage your rights, as if you were organising a remix contest on a track of yours in your blog. It depends on your country laws...
  • imo the public sessions are a free-for-all
    messy and beautiful and FUN...

    you take the risk that someone could steal your song, 
    but someone could add something cool also....

    what might be nice is to have the author of a piece of audio embedded in the header
    so that you can know who has added the track.
    and give credits etc..

  • We can add quite easily items' creator's username. So you could see in the inspector who created a pattern / plugin / ...

    Sounds like a good idea :)

  • The creator name tags in the inspector are a good idea. Maybe with date information. :)
  • agreed would be good to see who created what parts in the inspector or on the track header