Im in an infinite hang trying to load a project

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Im in an infinite hang trying to load a project
  • I created a new project. I closed OhmStudio because it wasn't recognizing my soundcard in the audio settings. I reopend OhmStudio and tried to open my private project. After selecting my project I'm stuck at the loading screen with an infiite load. The project never loads.
  • In fact I cannot even cancel out of it. There is a cancel button but it does nothing. I must do a "force quit." :(
  • If you havent spotted it already - see the troubleshooting post. Worked for me.
  • Thanks for the advice. I think I will skip a full delete and redownload for now. I'll just start a new project. Thanks.
  • That's a current big bug.

    Technically your session has been saved with some connection errors. To solve that, will do three things : 
     - fix that bug (that happens frequently currently)
     - develop the history functionality (you'll be able to come back to a previous version, versions will be saved automatically or manually later)
     - make project repair tools that run on our server as soon as we've identified the bug (we already did it during alpha)