MIDI activity monitor and Master Output

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MIDI activity monitor and Master Output
  • Just started playing with OhmStudio - Within 5 mins it's nearly become my goto DAW!
    However, I'm having trouble getting AutoMap MIDI input to work - the "SL Mk2 Input" works fine though.
    I can't find a MIDI activity monitor of any kind - even just a little flashing dot like Live has would really help trouble shooting when I'm getting no sound from a VSTi!

    Also, I can't find a Master Channel - is this cause your supposed to route all the tracks through a tape channel?

    Otherwise, Loving it and can't wait to start collaborating with friends!
  • Oh yeah, and where's the click/Metronome?
  • LOVE THE ROTATE!!!!!!!
  • Hey RobSpaull!

    Thank you for your support. We need it. Here are answers to your questions : 

    • There is no MIDI activity monitor for now. You should be able to choose your MIDI entry on plugins in gear panel, but there is an annoying refreshing bug on it for now. Anyway, you're right, we should add this.
    • There is only a main output (that you can configure in audio settings). Basically, every new rack are bound to this "main output". But you can select it and remove it (backspace). Then you can build a "master bus" yourself with a long chain of effects (but no tape) if you want to. Just bring every racks' outputs to it.
    • you can invite some friends (up to 3) from your dashboard on the website
    • the click is under construction. I updated our "development status point", so you can track what we are working on currently.

    I need some rest. I hope that what I wrote is readable.
  • I really think you should consider creating a simpler way of applying plugins to the master bus - as it stands, routing all the gear into a master bus is a bit labour intensive - I often like to drop a compressor and limiter onto the master bus quite early in my workflow and having to route everything manually to it is slow, when everything else in OhmStudio seems so fast and intuitive.

    Apologies if I've missed a way to do this!

  • Hi RobSpaull,

    What you describe is something that is panned for a long time. In fact, technically for now, the main output is in a rack but hidden. We could just show it to improve what you're describing. But should we then show a track, knowing that any pattern of that "main output plugin" is a non sense? We are thinking about it. 
    BTW, to know what is currently in progress, please refer to that thead : 
  • Hi there,
    I can draw notes into a Minimonsta instances just fine, but I'm also having trouble getting my MIDI keyboard to control this synth.

    What am I doing wrong? here's what I do:

    1) open my preferences and make sure that my MIDI input is checked (Nocturn Keyboard)
    2) Create a minimonsta track
    3) record enable the track (record button on the track itself)
    4) hit the big record button in the upper left-corner

    result: ohmstudio records but when I play my keyboard, no notes are recorded.

    I'd also expect to be able to select a track, just play my keyboard and here noise come out.

    What's the correct method?
  • Hi Canton, 

    Each plugin on the gear panel has an input to be configured. Audio input for Tape and Midi input for VST. You should hear the Minimonsta even without recording. 
    Tell us if it solves your problem.

  • Could you have a kind of expanding box somewhere - like the plugin list box, that just shows a master fader and an area to drop plugins.
    Maybe on the side of the Gear panel.
    Or maybe a channel that's only visible when the timeline is rotated?
    The pattern of a mastertrack is relevent to automation of any of the plugins in it, even though there are no notes or audio recorded.
    Live does this quite well imho - also contains tempo track.
  • Thinking about the business of creating a set up each time that gangs lots of racks into one master. Wouldn't it be good to have some way to template basic sessions so that you could re-use them?
  • Rob : we will change the gear panel and represent le main out bus. Then, there will be a volume and a track associated. 
    For now, we are not proud of the gear panel. We'll probably break almost everything to rebuild it. We'll probably represent inputs and outputs. We'll make zoom with cmd+wheel work. We'll make clables thiner and smarter. 
    We received recently some videos of testers using the Ohm Studio and they make many mistake in the gear panel. As we want to rebuild it completely, we've almost droped it for one or two months. That's one of weakest part of the Ohm Studio today. 
    Regarding tempo track, there is already on : right click on the timeline to make it appear.

    We'll make the "dupe project" feature during the next two weeks if everything is ok. The "project history" feature will come quickly too.