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Development status point
  • During end of december and january, our rough development plan was : 


    We are in the final sprint before beginning beta. We aim to launch first invitations before the end of this month. Fonctionnaly speaking, we'll try to develop the following : 

    Here is our objective to reach before to enter in beta. We focus on samples, zoom/navigation and track/plugin model.

    Pattern management update :

    In pattern detail view, we'll add 4 possible actions (left resizing, right resizing, pattern move, pattern phase shifting). These actions were only accessible in zoom out view and inspector. Phase shifting moves pattern content (which will be notes or samples)

    Samples management re-factoring :

    • we'll remove samples multi tracks pattern for a while. We'll bring it back later, in an improved version. Done
    • sample and pattern management will be seamless : user will manipulate directly sample or feel like it.  Done
    • cutter tool will work properly as intended (currently, cutter cuts the pattern instead of the sample). Done
    • basic latency correction for recording. Done
    • fade and volume for each samples. 3 parameters : fade in time, fade out time, volume level. Crossfade and volume automation will come a bit later. Done
    • a relative snap will be forced on zoom out view (for collaboration purpose : a user won't be able to break a precise tuning you've made), and no snap, relative snap and absolute snap will be available in detail view.  Done

    Zoom :

    We'll implement some algorithms we've imagined and use the best. Here are some ideas, which can be held concurrently : 

    •   progressive zoom (cmd+wheel or pad) where detail level will appears at a given threshold. Done
    •   zoom to selection : you select one or more pattern and zoom in. Your selection will then fit the whole sequence view.  postponed
    •    memorize 2 ou 3 zoom level and double-click/esc go from one to another. Each time you modify vertical or horizontal zoom, it's memorize for the current zoom level Done

    Track / rack / plugins : we drop our current solution to come back to a more classical view.

    • there will now be one rack for each "group track". For each plugin, there will be one track or more in the corresponding "group track". Done
    • "group track" volume, vumeter, mute and solo will be added.  Done
    • user's will be able to shrink tracks (and it won't be shared : it's a local setting).  Done

    If we have time, we'll also add a basic mixer view. We have in mind that it's a fundamental need.

    We'll also try to fix some bugs and enhance some "easy to do" points (such as the play loop setting).

    Ohm Studio Web : 

    • many graphical improvements
    • friends list Done
    • session history (with possibility to go back in a previous document version)  postponed 
    • many technical improvements. URL will change to . The two current web sites will be merged.  Done

  • For now, we think that too many users don't manage to have a good collaborative experience. Some don't understand how it works between website and app, others block on basic app manipulations. And we're sure it's our fault. We'll work to improve the learning curve. Then, we'll invite more people. Our plan for 2/3 upcoming weeks is : 

    OSapp : 

    • better chat, with a global chatroom, contact list and ability to wisp a user. done
    • network connexions issues. working on
    • scroll bars in sequence live
    • click for record not started
    • audio monitoring designing
    • application to send a bug report quickly live
    • a wide change concerning audio engine parameters. That will fix some refreshing bugs that you can see on volume and inspector. working on
    • put back sticky notes : a way to comment a point when your mates are offline. not started
    • connections between plugins bugsnot started
    • plugin scan waiting screen : live
    • auto login : done

    Web site : 

    • when you invite a contact to your project, you'll be able to directly choose amongst your contact list live
    • session private message will throw an email notification (when someone invite you to a session for example) live
    • "public sessions" page will show some "featured sessions" chosen by ourselves. It will also invite users to user search engine to find out some public sessions live (a part is missing)
    • session in search result will have a "join" or "ask for membership" button depending on if they are public or private. live
    • many improvements to make the global workflow more intuitive working on

    Documentation : 

    • we plan to make many small videos (around 1 minute) to show some basic points. So, you'll be able to learn quickly what you want to. working on
    • make some tutorial public projects that show embedded plugins in action. working on