Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard Shortcuts
  • list updated on December 16th 2011

    Keyboard Shortcuts: click here

  • Ah, the Shift-Ctrl-Z trick... it's normally Ctrl-Y on Windows for redo.  Any chance that can be "localised" by platform?
  • It would be nice to let the users define keyboard short cuts
  • I strongly concur with the previous comment!
  • That is something we'd like to do one day.
    But at the moment, the number of "actions" is rather limited compared to other softwares that offer this feature.

    Are there any keyboards shortcuts that are missing in the Ohm Studio and that you'd like to have?

  • well for me the thing is, that i'm damn used to my shortcuts that i use so far... especially a lot of transport, record, loop on/off, punch-in and out. (i use the num-pad for all of those.) so its not about quantity, but having it the same way in every program.

    btw: good work, i love the whole idea!