Bump for MIDI (partly resolved; user error)

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Bump for MIDI (partly resolved; user error)
  • Seeing as we just got an update, I thought I'd repeat something I know you've been working on...

  • Hello Peter.

    You need to install this driver for the nanoKontrol to work on the ohm studio windows version:

    I hope this helps.
  • Sorry, no, that made no difference - apart from moving the nanoKontrol down below the MIDI Yoke entries.  Still no MIDI events arriving at my VST plugins.
  • Ok.

    Actually the Midi Activity indicator on the track header is not working and this is misleading. But your VST should receive MIDI events.

    We've got a Korg NanoKontrol and a NanoKey here at the office and installing this driver solved the problem on Windows 7.
    It might be necessary to restart your computer after installing it.

    You must also turn monitoring to "on" (or leave it to "auto" but arm the track record button) for the desired VST plugin.

  • MIDI Indicator on the track header?  There is one?

    Oh, the monitoring thing might be it, then...  I'd sort of expected the default state of a track to be that incoming events would be routed to the rack for monitoring but not recorded unless recording.  I suppose a "no monitoring or recording" state is needed, too but to me that's just two two-state switches: "MIDI input active" and "Record active".  It sounds like you've something more complex?

    Anyway, let me go see if the monitoring thing helps :).  Minor usability tweaks can always be looked at later depending on others' feedback.

    Yes, that works!  My MK-249 has to come in via MIDI-Yoke to get it working, though... that's using the standard Windows 7 USBMIDI device driver otherwise.  So:

    NanoKontrol: works with own driver.
    AudioFire: works with own driver.
    MK-249: works with MIDI-Yoke driver, not Windows' USBMIDI one.

  • Still can't toggle the bottom three checkmarks, though.