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  • The context menu very nearly everywhere in Ohm Studio has a new "Add Sticky" in this version.

    Unfortunately, you have to be careful where you click it.  Most places, nothing will happen.  It's only when you're on the grid area that it works.  And then, it doesn't actually create a sticky where you clicked, but attached to the timeline and dangling down in the first track.  Which is fine if the first track hasn't scrolled off - otherwise you think nothing happened even then!

    Are they meant to be back?  Work in progress?  They're definitely nice to have, though :).
  • Currently awaiting definite specs, but yeah it's work in progress beside many other features.
  • It's great, i'm going to use it a lot. could be better if mute/unmute would make the sticky auto-pop up, or if the text could be displayed in a floating box, and if each member had their own color sticky. Oh and chocolate.