No audio monitored when playing

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No audio monitored when playing
  • I'm not abled to hear what I'm playing while recording or playing. I don't have midi keybord at the moment. Tryting to record guitar with T.C. Electronic Desktop Konnect 6. Audio is recorded correcty but i didn't hear it while playing. 

    Any help?
  • That something that worked and we've lost (because we rewrote a big part of the audio engine recently).
    We'll work to get it back.

    Thank you for your bug report.
  • Will wait to get update. Thanks.
  • I have sent my crash reports... but I think that was down to a VST problem. Now that I have applied your workaround, I can load ohmstudio but I cannot hear any audio. I am using a MOTU Ultralite (a mk2 I think).

    I can play the Vimeo instructional vids and hear audio, but nothing from ohmstudio. I see the meters active... 
  • Dagazmcl,

    Did you check your audio preferences ?
    You can find them in the inspector, when you have nothing selected (we have to put it in the menu).
  • AH! Or perhaps D'OH!

    I went looking for the audio prefs but didnt check out the inspector.

    I blame being (a) very tired and (b) full of red wine :-p

    Well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!
  • I think less than 10% of users find out where audio pref are. So we really should put them on the standard menu.
    The TODO thing is looong (but we're coding fast ;-) )
  • Updated OhmStudio, try all inputs in settings panel, try everything - audio still not monitored. Everything is great in Ableton, but not here. It's a pity, I can't start using it.