[***!!!Showstopper!!!***] No "Blues" in "Styles"

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[***!!!Showstopper!!!***] No "Blues" in "Styles"
  • OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!! etc, etc ;)

    OK, calm, calm...

    Can we have "Blues", please, as one of the "Styles" tags?

    Thank you!


    -- Peter
  • lol. 
    Tags question is quite complex. Is it better to shorten the list in order to go faster when you tag your songs or when you search one?
    If we want to do something exhaustive, we need 150+ styles. 
    We also could leave the field open so user could create their tags. But then, there is no more list to explore, and every miss type words, or spelling errors appear.

    What do you think about that? Does Jazz + sad fit to blues? (ouch, don't hit me please)
  • Yeah, it's always going to a difficult choice - limited palette and hence richer search results or broad palette and thinner results.  Typos in places like SoundCloud are irritating... but if someone creates a new "efunkster microjazz" style, everyone (who wants it) can find it... (assume that wasn't "e-funcsta" or ...)

    (Hit you?  ...  As if...  Motorhead and jazz? No...  Motorhead and blues? Yes...  ;p)
  • I haven't see this thread!

    (thanks pljones)

    4 years later, I would like to answer to this: no, Jazz is not blues.

    Blues is one of the main musical style of the XXth century. Let's look at the styles proposed: it's quite large, but electronic music oriented. What is the difference between Electro vs Electronic? Techno vs Trance? Dance vs House? There are certainly different styles, but according to an outsider as me, they are similar. In my point of view there are all recently born subgenres of electronic music. Blues is a main style of music of its own, one century old, with literature, catalog of records, specialized music training.

    Ohmstudio needs a blues category!!
  • I agree with Alex 100%
    Blues is the single most important genre in modern music.
    But if Ohm haven't changed it in the past 4 years, they ain't gonna change it now.
    I sometimes wonder if they really listen to the community.
  • We're ashamed to have missed blues. It's not that we don't want to, it's that technoligically it's not a super easy process and there are other tasks (such as: local mode).