[Minor, Windows, UI] Gear view zoomed out won't scroll

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[Minor, Windows, UI] Gear view zoomed out won't scroll
  • Harry2611 has got a lot of gear in his "Yeah" project, so I needed to zoom out to see all the racks.  Going through the tracks, I realised there were still some racks I couldn't see, even zoomed out, so I tried to scroll the gear area around... and it wouldn't.  Even though the scroll bars showed they had "give", so to speak, they wouldn't move.  I had to zoom in again (to normal size) before they'd let me scroll around.
  • Hey pljones,

    That's a known bug. When you're zoomed out, you can no more scroll. You have to be zoomed in to scroll, which is of course terribly frustating.
    The gear panel will change and the mixer will appear. That's under construction. Please be patient ;-)