Lock up when installing JRE update and PD12

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Lock up when installing JRE update and PD12
  • I have no idea if this is related to Ohm Studio but..! :)

    I had Ohm Studio running, seemingly happy.  I decided to install the new JRE update (32bit).  The JRE installer hung and so did Ohm Studio.  I checked the task list - I had two Ohm Studios running (mp_host), so I killed one -- that didn't fix things; so I killed the other.  The JRE installer then ran to normal completion.  Ohm Studio seemed fine after restarted.

    Just thought I'd let you know.
  • Well... quite strange. Thanks for this feedback. Something we should test.
  • Another day, another software install.

    I installed and ran PerfectDisk12.  Nothing hung.  However, immediately the install started, Ohm Studio stopped painting its window content -- menus and border were fine and responsive - I closed the project I was working on without problem.  Minimize and restore didn't fix it - still empty/transparent.  Quit and restart (PD12 still running, minimized) and it's okay again.  Swapping between them is fine, too.

    Weird stuff! :)

    One thing springs to mind -- installers ask for elevated privilege to write to Program Files, etc.  I can't think how that could impact you (but it does dim the display when it happens).